By Admin | March 23, 1998

Wasted is a joyride through ravesville, Amsterdam, which covers all the bases — extortive E dealers, big foolish debts, pounding music, a*****e bouncers… the works. The threats are real, the deals gritty, and the people are beautiful. The color palette has somehow been limited to the sci-fi rave flyer, and this makes it look very, very, very cool. The words “eye candy” come to mind, especially owing to the gorgeous nudity and the dreamlike digital effects. In fact, I was often thrown out of the moment by such distractions as a multicoloured toilet bowl during a hard-core puking scene. “Wasted” is the first film I’ve seen which attempts to prove how cool your sex life would be if you were a rave DJ, but which at the same time fails to prove that there’s anything more to DJ’ing than having other people who everyone thinks are cool think you’re cool so they give you the official cool records of the week. But maybe that’s a Hollywood-style simplification they’re making?!

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