I have an interview to film (okay, but “video” doesn’t sound right) in a half hour, and I’ve been hanging around the Hilton since I woke up this morning. Had myself a complimentary bagel and orange juice, and life is good. Going to see a movie or two today as well as interviews, so I will be a busy little bastard. At this moment, Don is still asleep and yet he keeps hypnotically whispering “No, we can’t… what will they say… Pete…” over and over again.

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  1. Don Lewis says:

    No one got to see PRARIE HOME COMPANION….yet….

  2. Kelly says:

    Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for a FilmThreat sanctioned review of Prairie Home Companion.

    I keep hitting refresh.

    Let me go.

  3. Are you sure Don isn’t saying, “Nah, I didn’t cum in you Pete?”

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