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By Ross Williams | April 15, 2001

I guess the obvious question is why are you doing it? ^ Well, three reasons. One is doing an art project, also having a lot fun, and raising money for some needy kids in the Seattle area.
What charity is this? ^ It’s the non-profit side of the Seattle Star Wars Society, called the Junior Jedi Program.
What are you getting out of it that the average fan is not, by waiting just a few days? ^ More experience, just more of the same thing they’re going to get out of it, more fun, and more anticipation built up for it.
Is this officially the longest wait for a movie? ^ I wouldn’t say officially, but this is the longest wait for a movie.
Has Guinness called? ^ They’ve talked to us. They have some issues. They’re getting back to us with their rules and regulations. But by the time they get back to us, we’ll hold the record for 15 days or something, so we don’t really know if its worth it.
Are you looking to get a book deal out of it? ^ Not really. Just want to do my art project and capture the essence of waiting, and hopefully people enjoy it enough to buy it. But I’m really not thinking I need to get this, or that I’m searching for a book or movie deal. Something I want to prove… that I can see if it can be done.
How are you capturing the event? ^ Through video and journal entries as well as time-indexed photography.
How are you affording this? ^ Through public and private sponsorship.
What’d you do before the line? ^ I was a Teaching Assistant at a local high school.
What your friends and family think? ^ Family, some of ’em were shocked, some of ’em thought it was cool. All my friends thought it was really cool, they knew I was planning on doing something like this or wanted to do something like this for quite some time. I think they’re just happy that I’m actually doing it instead of just sitting around and talking about doing it. Now all those times I sat around talking about it with them isn’t a complete waste of time, cause I’m actually doing it.
Have you had any conjugal visits? ^ Not yet. The key word is yet though.
Any groupies in waiting? ^ I think there’s quite a few groupies out there. Some of ’em I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Others I’ve touched with a ten foot pole.
So take me through a typical day. ^ There really is no typical day. It’s like being a cop, it’s like you show up and do your job and it’s no-holds-bar.. I can say that about 4 times a week, something unusual or wacky will happen. I can’t say what it is, but I’m always prepared for it. Like cleaning up human feces at 4:30 in the morning. I didn’t expect that, but I expected something wacky. There wasn’t anything interesting happening in the evening so… something had to happen and unfortunately it was that. I wasn’t really shocked that it happened, I was just surprised that it didn’t happen earlier.
What’s the story behind the feces? ^ I had just turned off “Meet the Parents.” I turned off the TV, because it was kind of loud and I didn’t want to attract any drunk people towards the tent. So I turned it off thinking that would protect me. I see the silhouette of this guy walking by the tent, he kind of bends down, and I yell out; “What are you doing?” He was like; “Ahhh!” And he falls back into the wall of the tent, almost knocks over the TV and table. He’s like; “Oh I’m sorry.” And he takes off. I think he’s smoking crack. Like five minutes go by and it starts to smell like crap. So I go outside and low and behold there’s like this five inch skid mark down the side of the ten. There’s like 4 or 5 kielbasa sized turds for me to clean up. I so run over to the Warwick (nearby hotel), and get some gloves, towels and bleach, that you’re never gonna see again or want to see again, and clean it up.
So what’d you think of Episode I? ^ I thought it was a great story, I thought it was visually very stunning, it was just poorly told. There was stuff that could have been cut out. Not even done differently, just cut out, to give it little better flow.
How long did you wait in line for that? ^ Nine days.
What are your expectations for Episode II? ^ I really have no expectations for this movie. I know it’s gonna be great, but at the same time I’m not gonna build up my hopes for something. It is what it is. Just accept it.
What do you think of the title? ^ It’s a title.
It got a lot of bashing online. ^ I bashed it quite a bit actually. But I think Ewan McGregor said it best; “It’s a title.” You look at all the Star Wars movies, they’re all crappy titles. A New Hope, what the hell is that? Empire Strikes Back, oohhoo! Return of the Jedi, what the hell? Phantom Menace, they’re all crappy titles.
What’d you think of Greedo shooting first? ^ I have to say it’s N’Sync lame.
How many interviews have you done besides this one? ^ Around 250.
Last question, can you hook me up with a ticket? ^ Ahh.. no. Well, actually yes, if the price is right.
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