By Admin | February 20, 2006

“Virgins from Hell” is an Indonesia exploitation piece that haphazardly combines no less than three time-honored staples of the drive-in era movie. It’s a biker flick smashed into a women in prison romp that is stirred up with a rape revenge subplot; but the fun doesn’t stop there. Two Asian cuties watch as their parents are murdered by an evil drug dealer, Mr. Tiger, who intends to use their mansion as his headquarters. Enlisting the aid of their friends the orphans form an all-girl motorcycle gang to execute their plot for reprisal. Their plan doesn’t work, and they’re captured and imprisoned. From this point the film really spins out of control.

Mr. Tiger isn’t the leader of any old ordinary drug ring. Nope, he’s in the business of developing and trafficking an illegal aphrodisiac, and his new prisoners will be the guinea pigs. One by one the girls are taken from their cells to be experimented upon. They are poked and prodded by needles and then poked and prodded by the guards. As more and more girls are taken away the remainder become over incensed, and an upheaval is on the rise. Eventually the girls have had enough, and in their leather short-shorts and knee high go-go boots they escape and exact their revenge. Mr. Tiger and his band of goons are going down.

“Virgins from Hell” would seem to have everything a film of this type requires to be considered a classic, but unfortunately it falls a bit short of the mark. The girls don’t ride their bikes very well and they’re not that good at fighting either; but that’s not the film’s greatest flaw. The real crime of this movie is that with all of the steamy and sexy subject matter not one single solitary girl is capable of finding her way out of her top. These girls do everything fully clothed including taking a bath! Those few disappointments aside, “Virgins from Hell” still comes away an enjoyable and entertaining entry into the always unpredictable Indonesian exploitation film racket.

Mondo Macabro released this with more extras than ever. Over 70 minutes of trailers from the company behind “Virgins from Hell”, a documentary on Indonesian cinema and tons of informative liner notes by Pete Tombs.

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