By Film Threat Staff | November 29, 2001

Those nutty pranksters at the Columbus Filmmakers Consortium have made a little parody of Kevin Smith’s filmmaking with their short “Ray and Silent Rob.” While the parody short does makes fun of the View Askew films jokingly comparing Silent Bob to “Spielberg and Ed Burns,” we suspect that those guys really like Kevin Smith. A lot. Enough to go out of their way to make this little tribute to their bovine master.
Ross from the CFC would like it noted that the film “Ray and Silent Rob” was shot with Plus X & Tri-X super 8 film with a Nikon R10 & developed at Filmcraft Labs in Michigan, and Telecine’d at the Transferstation in California. Here’s how to check out “Ray and Silent Rob” on the Columbus Filmmakers Consortium site: ^ “Ray and Silent Rob” QUICKTIME (2.4 meg) ^ “Ray and Silent Rob” WINDOWS MEDIA (1.3 meg)
Visit the Columbus Filmmakers Consortium on the web.
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