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By David Finkelstein | May 13, 2002

A close-up of hairy skin, seen too close to be able to tell from which body part. We hear the sound of Movie Music, played through a tinny TV speaker. The hairs on the skin oddly seem to respond to the music, but it may just be the result of breathing. We hear a gunshot. The camera pans away and shows a TV, playing a Famous Western Movie, where the hero has just been killed.

This film creates an curious portrait of the way canned, manufactured Movie Violence has an affect on the living, breathing skin of a viewer. It had the interesting affect of making me highly conscious of my breathing and my own physical state as I watched the film.

FIVE SHORT FILMS BY THORSTEN FLEISCH  This film is part of the series of “Five Short Films by Thorsten Fleisch.” These five short films all explore Fleisch’s obsession with creating dialogues between the human body and machines. Read all of the reviews including HEIMWERKER (HIGH TECH), VIDEOHAUT (VIDEO SKIN), K.I.L.L., BLUTRAUSCH (BLOODLUST), HAUTNAH (SKINFLICK).

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