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By Christopher Curry | May 8, 2006

Clifford Bradley is the CEO of television station WKLITT. Clifford Bradley also believes that there is a full-frontal governmental assault on America’s sexual appetites via additives in their washing soaps. Bradley has a plan though, and he’s about to embark on the most ambitious effort in broadcasting history. The overzealous director will beam a stag film awards ceremony directly into the homes of millions of viewers across the country, thereby kicking up everyone’s sex drives that have been so callously repressed. And the plan works, too, as it becomes the highest rated program in the history of television.

“Video Vixens” is a soft-core porno comedy made in the vein of “The Groove Tube” and the later “Kentucky Fried Movie”. The awards show is the hub of the movie, and the film clips and commercials provide the comedic sketches. As with other films of this type some of the vignettes work while others don’t, but the subject matter lends itself to plenty of nudity and locker room humor. It’s all pretty low-brow stuff, but some of the faux commercials really come together nicely like “Twinkle Twats” feminine hygiene spray, “Dial-A-Snatch” and the very un-P.C. “Passion” perfume which makes even the most unattractive female irresistible to men. It’s hardly a work of genius, but it does have its fair share of humorous moments. As Mr. Skin points out in the introduction, “…for fans of retro-raunch ‘Video Vixens’ earns an A +…make that a T & A +.”

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