By Bob Westal | July 18, 2002

Everyone who’s gone through the job seeking process knows what it is to be treated like a piece of meat.
For poor Victor, however, this is no simile. No, Victor is literally a pig, and the career options he’s being offered include chops, sausage or maybe being fit into a can of Spam. Victor, however, prefers to think of along the line of law enforcement or perhaps aviation. Can Vic rise above his zoological limitation?
Created by Dave Poole with stripped down computer animation, this is a bit of dry, low-key, thoughtful comedy that is in low supply in this era of proudly stupid humor. And if you happen to be a job-seeker in today’s depressed market (as I am, coincidentally), you’ll definitely relate to Victor’s career difficulties.
In fact, the only thing wrong with this very funny short is an apparent typo — a missing possessive apostrophe — in the opening title. Either that or Poole needs to brush up on his punctuation.

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