By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 27, 2006

I assume the reason for not completely understanding “Vaudeville” was because I never really grew up in the time presented here, thus unintentionally or not the film can polarize those whom don’t really know of the subject matter, however Chansoo Kim’s film is not only well animated, but also presents some startling subtle symbolism that took me a while to figure out, and usually I’m quick to catch on. Chansoo Kim creates a film not particularly ripe with a narrative, yet a variety of symbolism thrown together to represent what he’s trying to convey. “Vaudeville” features both groups of Korean people wandering around a wasteland struggling to capture their own state of being, but also examines these people seemingly content in a barren wasteland, in spite of not truly knowing where they belong or where they’re going. “Vaudeville” is confusing at times, but inevitably, Kim’s message comes across through subtle symbolism, and stark abstract animation.

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