By Film Threat Staff | January 4, 2004

I can honestly say that this flick just wasn’t for me. Here’s how it goes – Law school student Josh falls in love with art school student Cheryth. One evening, Josh brings Cheryth home with him to meet his folks, but there’s a problem – Josh is Jewish and Cheryth is not. Josh’s family is strictly Jewish and they don’t want to have anything to do with anyone who is not. And thus begin the ups and downs in the relationship Josh not only shares with Cheryth, but his family as well. Yikes! It sure sucks for those guys. The only way I could relate to this movie was that, like the characters within, I didn’t want to put up with all of the relationship turmoil going on.
But it’s not just that I couldn’t relate to this film, it’s that, in its entirety, “Various Positions” is a very cold experience. It’s very rare that anyone smiles or shows an emotion above meat locker temperature. Not a very fun watch at all. It feels like the filmmaker created this film drawing from his own experiences, pouring into it all of his heart and soul, completely forgetting there should be something entertaining to chew on. The only thing offered here to chew on is a big ice cube.

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