By Admin | September 13, 2000

The fascination with vampires on film stretches back to the classic, silent, German-made “Nosferatu” (1922) starring the truly creepy Max Shreck. But the genre didn’t kick into high gear until Bela Lugosi sank his fangs into “Dracula” (1931). Since then, the blood has flowed unceasingly, with an eager public always ready to lap it up.
Certainly, the kink factor was ratcheted-up a few notches in the early Seventies when films like “The Vampire Lovers” (1970), “Countess Dracula” (1971), and “The Velvet Vampire” (1971) took the lesbian vampire theme–only hinted at in earlier films–into softcore territory. Probably the most famous example would be “The Hunger” (1983), where Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve swapped spit and hemoglobin, while David Bowie hung around doing a lot of decomposing.
Which brings us to our feature presentation “Vampire’s Seduction”. Light on plot and heavy on sex, the folks at Seduction Cinema have seemingly hit on a winning combination. Dracula’s daughter (Tina Krause) enlists the aid of bumbling geek Wally Van Helsing (John Paul Fedele) in helping her procure nubile victims. Wally, of course, is lucky if he can tie his shoes, so his expeditions seeking sexy females come up short. However, the little bugger does manage to stumble in on a whole lot of chicks having gratuitous lesbian sex. Bitchin’!
One questionable sequence involves a mother (played by an actress who’s clearly no older than the other gals) who makes out with her daughter and a young friend, while Wally looks on and makes a lot of goofy faces. In fact, making faces is Wally’s chief contribution to the film.
The film’s “strengths” lie in the good-looking babes they managed to enlist, including the undeniably stunning Krause and B-Movie Queen Debbie Rochon (who, regrettably, has only a small role and never gets naked or grapples with the other ladies). And, well, in the softcore lesbian scenes, the girls clearly enjoy their work. Righteous!
On the down side, this ain’t Shakespeare. But you’re probably not going to rent a video–with a picture of a chick on the cover in lingerie–thinking that it’s “Othello”.
All in all, this flick delivers what it promises: a bunch of h***y broads who can’t keep their mitts off each other. If you don’t like it, go read a book, Einstein!

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