Sub Rosa has begun cleaning out its basement with a number of double-feature offerings. First up is a pair of almost unwatchable pieces, “Game of Pleasure” being the slightly better of the two.

“Game of Pleasure” is a rip-off of “Westworld” filtered through a virtual reality “plot”. Two hackers get ahold of a sample of a highly-realistic erotic video game in which the player can have anything he wants, provided “anything” is limited to porn star Tammy Parks. While online, or plugged in, or whatever you call it, the game players are stalked by a non-threatening assassin (who looks like a Goth version of “What’s Up Doc”’s Austin Pendelton) who has been assigned to “erase” all beta-testing players of the game. Okay, whatever. The acting ranges from painful to non-existent, the VR is courtesy of an Apple IIe (which can be forgiven, considering this was originally a late-80s soft-core offering), but there’s plenty of nudity and sex, so if that’s all you care about, then allow your fondest wish to be fulfilled.

“Vampire Carmilla” is a style-absent mess. An incomprehensible “re-imagining” of the J. Sheridan LeFanu erotic vampire story is more of an excuse to get Marina Morgan naked as often as possible. Morgan has proven to be a natural, talented actress in movies like “Generation Ax” and the upcoming (and eagerly-awaited) “Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots”, but little of that talent is on display here. But, again, lots of skin and bad gore effects for the less-discriminating.

The transfers appear to be from original tape masters, so there is a bit of drop out here and there throughout, but nothing too distracting. These are meant to be low-calorie time-wasters, however, so there’s nothing too fancy going on here. Because this is Sub Rosa, the disc is packed with trailers for other – much better – Sub Rosa releases, but it lacks the other extras we’ve come to expect from the company. Really, an insane no-budget short or two would have been welcome!

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