By Admin | October 9, 2004

Despite its juvenile title, “Updebum” documents the one thing more horrifying than a Joan Rivers porn film: accidental anal insertion, or intentional, depending on the people involved. Using simple black-and-white design, items scroll up on the screen in black type, while the white background is home to the shadows of those words, larger than the actual words as if to say, “How the f**k did THAT happen?” We’ve got vegetables, 402 stones in one case, knife sharpeners, dildos, an 18-inch umbrella handle (yeeeesh!), and other items that are only worth being examined this way. The circumstances involving these things getting lodged in an area darker than outer space are best left out.

It’s good that Minton felt it necessary to only give three minutes’ attention towards this subject. That’s all it requires, because no one needs a full-length documentary on the reasons for the insertions and subsequent removals.

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