If you haven’t heard all the hubbub surrounding the “documentary” “Unknown White Male,” you must not be reading any movie news sites, reading any movie related articles or watching any movie related TV shows. So what’re you doing here? Well, we’re glad you are. No, really. Anyway…the movie is a documentary about a guy who wakes up and has no idea who he is, where he lives or what happened in his past. He’s got him some wicked amnesia. However the press agents for the film are doing a heckuva job riding the coattails of Oprah’s favorite fibbing author James Frey and making the film out to be “controversial.” Is “Unknown White Male” a real doc or is it a clever fictional tale created to seem real? Is it bits of both? Does it matter? In all honesty, aren’t most documentaries not “true” or “real” because they’re shot through a directors eyes then edited to tell a story? “F is for Fake Anyone?” The buzz is getting louder and you can…

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