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By Doug Brunell | March 25, 2003

An older woman (Mary Craig) watches as a man (Dominic O’Donnell) does a series of stretches on the sidewalk before her. She imagines he’s part of a love story, and maybe she’s right. Or maybe his intentions have nothing to do with romance. Either way, the outcome will definitely take viewers by surprise. (I sat there with my mouth open for a good fifteen seconds before giggling like child tickled by a priest.)
“Une Histoire d’Amour” packs a solid punch in a short time, and it has an ending that borders on surreal. The mainstream press would call this short film “quirky,” but it actually comes across as more realistic than, say, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Kudos to the Craigs for inspiring laughs and hope in a world full of bland movies masquerading as art and failing as entertainment.

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