By Admin | November 15, 1999

A struggling writer babysits for an ex-girlfriend, only to find out the child is his. Along the way he discovers love and the strength to continue on with his writing.
If you’re into romantic, touching films starring beautiful women and impossibly cute kids then Undercover Angel has got you covered. Harrison (Dean Winters) can’t seem to break into the publishing world with his Noir detective novels. As he toils away in obscurity, barely getting by, who should show up at his door but an ex-girlfriend in need of a favor; to babysit her 6 year old daughter for a couple of weeks. Strangely enough, Harrison hasn’t seen this old flame, Melissa (Lorraine Ansell) in seven years. Let’s see, ex-girlfriend who you haven’t seen in seven years, with six year old daughter shows up at your door; nightmare right? Well you can pretty much guess who the father turns out to be, but that’s not revealed until the later in the film. The little girl, Jenny (Emily Mæ Young; you may remember her from Welch’s grape juice commercials), a precocious and cavity-causing-sweet little “angel” stays with Harrison while mom is off to Canada to set up a new life. Straight away, you can get a feel for the kind of mother Melissa is. She leaves her daughter with a man she hasn’t seen in 7 years, not telling either one that they are father and daughter and runs off to another country; definitely not mom of the year material. Harrison and Jenny immediately bond. Jenny, a teenager trapped in a 6 year old’s body, sets herself up as Harrison’s matchmaker. Her target is Holly (Yasmine Bleeth), a secretary whom Harrison sees, but as yet to break the ice with, everyday at an outdoor cafe. Recovering from a bad relationship, Holly is definitely not out looking for a man. Jenny tries desperately to bring the two lonely hearts together and in the process manages to help Harrison’s career by recording Harrison’s bedtime stories. With Holly’s help, the stories are sent off to a publisher eliciting rave reviews. Since everything appears all too perfect, some conflict is needed. Melissa returns for Jenny, but Harrison, now a successful writer takes her to court for custody. The trial is presided over by none other than James Earl Jones. Without giving away much more, let’s just say everyone lives happily ever after.
According to the film’s director, Bryan Michæl Stoller, Undercover Angel has not yet picked up a distributor. With a cast of industry knowns and a story that tugs at the old heartstrings, I doubt he will have much of a problem.

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