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By Dean Edward | February 12, 2003

Any film that begins with the stats of how much beer, marijuana and cocaine is consumed in this country is a film that deserves a standing ovation. Yee-haw!! What a way to start a movie and even better – what a way to get the party started.
A spoof of M. Night Shyamalan’s turd feast “Unbreakable,” “Unbakeable” focuses on a man who, for the life of him, can’t get baked, whether he’s pounding beers, ripping bong loads or riding the rails. The film starts out with the man surviving a major party where everyone in attendance bites the big one from overdoing it with the party favors. Wandering the city, searching for a buzz (kinda like the Film Threat staff in Park City), the guy stumbles upon the Samuel L. Jackson character…this time played by Orlando Jones and I challenge you not to laugh at anything this guy has to say.
Pretty much making fun of the ridiculousness of Shyamalan’s film, while injecting plenty of good drug humor, “Unbakeable” is perfect as one of those films you pop in the VCR, or download on the computer, to entertain the wasteoids at your party. The film is funny on its own, but getting baked before viewing is definitely recommended.

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