By Chris Gore | June 12, 2000

[ THE ULTIMATE FILM FESTIVAL SURVIVAL GUIDE QUESTIONNAIRE ] ^ INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: In order to be included in the 2001 edition of The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, submit the following questionnaire and correct, update or add any information to your entry. If you are a new festival, send as much information as possible. You must send this completed form back via e-mail as a word attachment. Include as much information as possible. ^ 1) Cut and paste this document from our site. Return the completed survey as an attachment to: FilmThreat@aol.com ^ 2) It should only take about 15 minutes to fill out and the more information you provide, the more material we will have to highlight your festival in the book. Do not use any strange formatting like ALL CAPS. Simply type your answers underneath each question. ^ 3) [ DEADLINE: In order to be included in the 2001 edition of the book, all completed surveys MUST be delivered by e-mail on FRIDAY, JUNE 23RD, 2000. ] ^ Please keep an eye on our weekly e-mail and the Film Threat web site at www.filmthreat.com for more announcements about the book. ^ Send any additional promotional materials, including press kits, and especially photos. However, we MUST receive your completed questionnaire via e-mail:
Chris Gore c/o FILM THREAT
THE ULIMATE FILM FESTIVAL SURVIVAL GUIDE 2001 ^ 5042 Wilshire Blvd. ^ P.M.B. 150 ^ Los Angeles, CA 90036 USA
“The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide 2001” is going to rock and I can’t thank you enough for your help. And look for me at the next film festival!
Thanks, ^ Chris Gore
[ QUESTIONNAIRE ] ^ Answer the questions as completely as possible. The more information you provide, the more detailed your entry will appear in the book. Contact information is required and your entry will not be included without it.
[ GENERAL FESTIVAL DATA ] ^ Official Festival Name:
Address (if more than one, include both and indicate what each is used for, entries only, deliveries, etc…):
Web site url:
Year Festival Began:
[ DATES OF FESTIVAL ] ^ Festival Date(s) for the year 2001: (Please give approximate dates if exact ones are not available.)
Deadline(s) for Entries:
Application fee(s)?
[ QUOTES ] ^ Please provide quotes from festival-goers, filmmakers, critics or celebrities touting the virtues of your great film festival:
[ STAFF ] ^ Festival Director(s):
Festival Programmer(s):
Festival Contact:
Other Festival Staff:
[ FESTIVAL PROFILE ] ^ (Include a brief description or mission statement for your festival, about 200 words. This should include your mission statement – what is the festival trying to achieve.)
[ GENRE OF FESTIVAL ] ^ How would you categorize your festival? Choose as many of these genre identifications as apply – Mark an “X” next to each: ^ Independent ^ American films ^ First-Time Independent Filmmakers ^ Online Festival ^ Touring Festival (If you are a touring festival, please include list of cities in which you tour.) ^ Market ^ Documentary ^ International ^ Gay, Lesbian ^ Video ^ Underground ^ Microcinema ^ PXL ^ Super 8, 8mm ^ Short ^ Student Film (indicate age groups targeted) ^ Woman ^ Animated ^ Multimedia ^ Digital Animation ^ DVD ^ Weird ^ Experimental ^ Digital ^ African ^ Black ^ Latin ^ Spanish ^ Asian ^ Jewish ^ Ethnic/Other (please indicate) ^ Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action or other film genre (please be specific (Add a genre or category that your festival fits into if yours is not on the list.)
[ ONLINE FESTIVAL ] ^ (These questions are for ONLINE Festivals only.)
Software used to stream video?
Is there a contest/awards and how is the voting achieved?
What does the winning film receive?
What are the basic terms of the deal offered to filmmakers when they enter their movies in your festival and allow them to be streamed on your site?
Other notes unique to your online festival:
Famous Speakers:
[ AWARDS ] ^ Does the festival/event have either of the following?
Market? Yes/No
Competition? Yes/No
If the festival is competitive, please supply the following:
Name of major award:
Value of award(s):
Last winning film(s):
Director of winning film(s):
Past Judges:
[ ADVICE TO FILMMAKERS ] ^ What advice can you offer to first-time filmmakers submitting their films?
What things do filmmakers do wrong when submitting?
What kinds of films do you generally accept?
What kind of perks do you offer filmmakers? Free travel? Lodging? Contacts?
[ ACCEPTANCE ODDS ] ^ On average, how many films are submitted each year and how many are accepted?
(Please give us a ballpark number or an approximate based on your most recent festival. IMPORTANT: This question will be used to determine the odds of gaining acceptance.)
Number of Films submitted:
Number of Films accepted:
Odds of acceptance:
How many films are actually screened?
[ INSIDER INFO ] ^ Number of journalists that attend annually?
Average festival attendance?
Locally, what might a tourist want to visit?
So, what’s the best restaurant in town?
Best bar?
Best cheap hotel?
Best luxury hotel?
Hangout for filmmakers?
Best place for breakfast?
Any travel tips?
Best restaurant worth getting reservations at?
Celebrity sightings or stories?
Is there anything else that we did not ask about your festival that you would like attendees or filmmakers to know?
[ BONUS INFO ] ^ We are also seeking other interview subjects: filmmakers, festival directors, agents, publicists, willing to be interviewed for the book, can you recommend other subjects for an interview? (Please include appropriate contact information.)
Please tell us your wildest festival story, festival party experience or strange tale that we may include in the book: (Ex: The print was wet when it arrived and the show was 30 minutes late, we were sweating bullets, but it went off without a hitch.)
[ IMPORTANT — PHOTOS ] ^ Please be sure to include some photos from your festival. The pictures shouldn’t be standard shots, in fact, more casual shots, perhaps at a party with celebrities or festival luminaries would be even better. Please include a photo credit and identify the people in the picture. NOTE: If you send us photos, we assume that you are granting us the rights to print it. If you would like your photos returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you have a festival poster or official logo, please send it to us as a slide. You may also send photos electronically to: FilmThreat@aol.com ^ Please be sure they are JPEGS and of a high resolution. They need not be color pictures, black and white pictures are fine.
[ ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES ] ^ For the new edition we are offering print ad opportunities for call for entry ads as well as filmmaker resource ads. In addition, festivals may choose to have a bold listing along with their festival logo accompany their entry in the book. The rates are affordable and it’s a great way to highlight your festival. Please contact: JEFF BLACK at LONE EAGLE PUBLISHING – jblack@loneeagle.com or call 800-345-6257 or 323-308-3400 to receive a rate card for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. The deadline to reserve space and confirm your enhanced listing is August 1, 2000 so please hurry!
And thanks again for your participation in the book!

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