By Film Threat Staff | September 27, 2000

Beginning [ Sunday, October 1st, 2000, ] IFILM will air the “abduction” excerpt from the critically lauded (we here at Film Threat called it “pants-peeing funny”) cinematic event “Six Days in Roswell”.
The film, a feature-length docu-comedy, looks at aliens, abductions, government cover-ups, the people of Roswell and the annual festival that commemorates the strange events of the town’s heritage, which kicked off rather historically in 1947. Research claims that a UFO sighting occurs every three minutes…and film participants like Whitley Strieber, whose personal account of alien abduction was printed in “Communion” and has now sold millions of copies, may not beg to differ.
“Six Days in Roswell” can be ordered in its entirety from the official site, where you’ll also find photos, a behind-the-scenes take on “Six Days,” and plenty of UFO background. Get ready for launch at [ “Six Days in Roswell” central. ] And, when October 1st rolls around, check out the clip at [ the IFILM website. ]

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