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By Stephanie Donnelly | April 23, 2001

UCB MAKE A MOVIE! The dossier for this project is marked “Very, Extremely, Majorly Top Secret” as far as the masses are concerned, but the UCB watch your every move, and they’re entrusting you with the following ultra-classified information.
Agent Trotter of the nefarious [ Upright Citizens Brigade ] (formerly of Comedy Central) has passed off a file that contains the following feature film project facts. Clip and save, and prepare for further transmissions as they surface:
-The film’s working title is “Martin & Orloff” and it’s co-written by Matt Walsh (Trotter), Ian Roberts (Antoine) and Ian’s wife Katie Roberts, who will also be featured in the film. The film will also include Matt Besser (Adair) and Amy Poehler (Colby) of the UCB.
[ CRAZY FACTOID: ] Ian Roberts was the manic cheer choreographer Sparky Polastri in the excellent cheer flick Bring It On. He brought Spirit Fingers to the world.
-The film’s premise? A confused man tries to kill himself, and then gets a psychiatrist who’s even crazier than he is.
-“Martin & Orloff” will be shooting from May 20th to June 20th, 2001 on Sony’s new 24p digital format and then blown up to film — it’s the very latest in digital technology.
-Larry Blume, son of legendary young adult fiction author Judy Blume, is the director. Expect sibling squabbles, tender teen introspection, and maybe a cameo from Superfudge.
-There is a character in the film named Jimbo who is… very physically endowed. “For the kids,” says UCB’s Matt Walsh.
Need to find out more? Tough love — this is the very first transmission. But be sure to check out the official Upright Citizens Brigade headquarters for news, pranks, the UCB 2001 Tour, and Highland Epoxy. Over and out.

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