You may not be able to hop on your Concorde and jet on over to the U.K. for this year’s Raindance Film Festival, which officially runs from [ October 13th to the 26th, 2000, ] but a visit to their website is essential for independent film buffs. Raindance will air several festival-exclusive features on the Web, and the site also hosts a wealth of information on standout Raindance films that will be making their way stateside soon.
On [ Saturday, October 14th, ] web viewers can “‘av it large” by checking in on the Ibiza/Ayia Napa tribute event “Reunion”. For those not familiar with the tradition, Ibiza unloads as the biggest rave/party/all-out hedoinistic explosion every year, and hundreds of thousands of limeys are in attendance for the madness. This web-cast party will celebrate the event in Camden Palace, and will include pan-and-scan live coverage and insane music.
For those in a mellower mood, check out the site’s info on the [ Thursday, October 17th ] screening of “A Stirling Performance,” a peek at what happens when a supergroup (R.E.M.) descends on a small Scottish town for a show. The documentary, produced with the cooperation of the band, is an intimate look at the performance paradox of huge band/little town, and the reactions of both fans and band members.
For more on Raindance events, and the latest as the festival unfolds, see the [ the official Raindance website. ]

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