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By Film Threat Staff | November 11, 2002

The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre presents two special one night short film events in late November and December. On Tuesday, November 26th, 2002 at 7:30 PM is the 4th ANNUAL WOMEN IN SHORTS PROGRAM, a look at short films featuring female protagonists and female directors. On Wednesday, December 11th, 2002 at 7:30 PM is REALITY CAN BE ENTERTAINING- DOCUMENTARY SHORTS. Filmmakers will be present both evenings for discussions following the screenings.
The 4th Annual Women In Shorts Program looks at, among other topics: sexual issues, romantic beginnings and endings, power struggles & racial questions. The Tuesday, November 26th program begins at 7:30 PM with the following films screening:
“Jack & Diane” (directed by Wendy WIlkins) – The arc of a couples’ love affair is told through fifty-seven different popular song lyrics.
“Opening Night” (directed by Julie Trimingham) – Dramatic short about a singer’s fears and sorrows that must be surrendered to enable her to perform.
“On Writing Hat Poems” (directed by Francesca Talenti) – Thought-provoking, animation based on a poem by Marvin Kimbrough.
“Stuck” (directed by Jamie Babbit) – Newest short from the director of two previous shorts and the feature But I’m a Cheerleader, finds two women who are longtime partners, at a crossroads in their relationship.
“Another Life” (directed by Tracey D’Arcy) – Life and how we perceive it should always be questioned.
“Alchemy” (directed by Anna Condo) – Based on Chekov’s short story A Work of Art, this film is a gem of style, humor, space and interesting characters.
“Barrier Device” (directed by Grace Lee) – Multi, award-winning short stars Sandra Oh (“Arliss”, “Last Night”) & Suzy Nakamura (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) In a strong, funny drama about obsession and loyalty between women.
The Reality Can Be Entertaining- Documentary Shorts program begins at 7:30 PM on December 11th. The following films will screen:
“Swell Life” (directed by Darren McInerney) – As the debate about public access to the California coastline rages on, we have this funny, fascinating documentary on the Southern California phenomenon of “locals only” surfing areas.
“Plushies & Furries” (directed by Rick Castro) – Incredible account of the subculture profiled in Vanity Fair last year about those who “get off” on wearing animal costumes and “loving” their stuffed animals.
“TV Dream Homes: The Drawings of Mark Bennett” (directed by Pamela Ezell) – Moving film about artist Mark Bennett, who, at the age of 11, began to draw intricate blueprints of the homes of some of the stalwart families we came to love as our own: The Nelson’s, The Ricardo’s, The Brady’s, The Munster’s, amongst many others.
“Buffalo Common” (directed by Bill Brown) – From the director of the short, “Roswell,” is a new film, a hauntingly beautiful look at North Dakota as it empties of both humans and missile silos.
For more information, visit the American Cinematheque website.

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