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By Film Threat Staff | October 6, 2004

The Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC has announced their October calendar and its jam-packed with all sorts of Halloween goodies:

Oct. 6-13 “THE CARD PLAYER” – NYC premiere of new Dario Argento film! ^ The NYC premiere of the new film directed by cult legend Dario Argento is a maniacal and cynical tale of a serial killer pinning the life of his captives on the outcome of video poker games. Policewoman Anna Mari is forced to play the dangerous game – and if she loses, she witnesses the maniac’s tortured victims having their throats cut in explicit detail via webcam! She teams up with British cop John Brennan to find out the identity of the murderer – but not before our bloodbath runneth over. (Directed by Dario Argento, 2004, 96 minutes.)

Oct. 13-19 “FAMILY PORTRAITS” Directed by Douglas Buck ^ “Buck’s films are desperate, dry and cruel as life often is, and movies never are.”
– Gaspar Noe, writer/director of I STAND ALONE and IRREVERSIBLE ^ A sensation on the underground film circuit, Douglas Buck’s acclaimed horror film Family Portraits finally arrives in theaters on a wave of praise from filmmakers and horror fans alike. Caught in a world between art and exploitation, this film in three chapters explores the darkest dimensions of fear and family. From Cutting Moments, a gory shocker about a housewife’s self-mutilation, to Home, where a husband slaughters his family, to Prologue, in which a teenage paraplegic with metal claws for hands tracks down her assailant and confronts him, Family Portraits is a brutal, bloody, and bleak look at the underside of American life. Buck is currently directing a remake of Brian dePalma’s Sisters produced by Edward Pressman. Buck will also make an appearance at the Pioneer during the run to introduce the film. (Directed by Douglas Buck, 2004, 103 minutes total running time.)

Oct. 20-26 “MARK OF THE DEVIL” – Barf bags supplied to all ticket-buyers! ^ The Pioneer is ashamed to present a new and restored 35mm print of the notorious 70s splatterfest Mark of the Devil. A gratuitous feast of skin, sin, and ultra-violence set during the 18th century witch-hunting craze, Mark of the Devil stars Udo Kier as Baron Christian, an apprentice witch hunter who begins to see that the witch hunts are merely an excuse to steal the people’s land and violate beautiful, buxom women. Kicking off with the rape of a wagonful of nuns, Devil includes various subplots based on actual historical accounts of the time including puppeteers accused of witchcraft for their masterful control of marionettes and a woman who suffers at the hands of a bishop she has accused of rape. Creative camera shots, extravagant sets and an excellent score accompany this orgy of vicious torture and cruelty. (Directed by Michael Armstrong, 1970, 96 mins)

(Note: Most screenings of MARK OF THE DEVIL will be a double bills with the original version of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS starring the Ben Kingsley. Directed by Dennis Donnelly, 1978, 93 mins.)


All during the month of October, the Pioneer will feature special Halloween double (and triple!) bills as well as filmmaker appearances at the theater. These culminate the week leading up to Halloween. Highlights are listed below. See our website at or contact the Pioneer at for more details!

– “Undead Friday.” Every Friday offends with a double bill of EVIL DEAD and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.
– “Larry Fessenden’s Trilogy of Horror,” shows on October 16, with the three modernist monster movies NO TELLING, HABIT, and WENDIGO introduced by director Larry Fessenden & co.
– MANIAC COP Double “Bill” – Director and cult legend Bill Lustig introduces MANIAC COP 1 & 2 on October 23.
– NEKROMANTIK 1&2 – the films John Waters hailed as “the first erotic film[s] for necrophiles,” run on October 26 at 9pm, with director Jorg Buttgereit in person.
– THE ROOST and EVIL DEAD – Filmmaker Ti West introduces a sneak preview of the brand new feature THE ROOST followed by a screening of EVIL DEAD.
– Angus Scrimm Double Bill – Ominous horror star Angus Scrimm appears on October 28 to introduce a double bill of the new film THE OFFSEASON and the classic PHANTASM.
– Voodoo Double Bill – The politically incorrect double bill of LONDON VOODOO (with director Robert Pratten in person) and VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST shows on October 29.

Oct. 30 Special Halloween event: NIGHT OF ITALIAN HORROR ^ Join us for a Devil’s Night spectacular on Saturday, October 30 as the Pioneer hosts an all-night marathon of classic Italian horror films, including DEMONS (Lamberto Bava, 1985), GATES OF HELL (Lucio Fulci, 1980), THE GHOST (Riccardo Freda, 1965), DEEP RED (Dario Argento, 1976), BEYOND THE DOOR 2 (Mario Bava, 1976), and BURIAL GROUND (Andrea Bianchi, 1980). Costumes are encouraged and prizes will be given in such categories as: Most Inappropriate, Most Disgusting, Most Frightening, and Most Italian. A bloody good time will be had by all!

Oct. 30-Nov. 2 Election special: A NIGHT OF POLITICAL HORROR

Let the terror continue as political filmmakers and internauts from the IndyMedia group present a brand-new political horror film in which we are all the victims! The film will be rushed directly from the editing suite to the theater for a special post-Halloween, pre-Election Day scarefest. Details TBA.

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