“The Turkish Star Wars,” the 1982 insanity which made Film Threat’s recent list of Top 10 Unseen Films, will have its first-ever American screening on Monday, January 14, at 8pm at the Two Boots Den of Cin in New York (44 Avenue A @ East 3rd Street). Admission is $5.00.
Forget about Hayden Christensen as a teenage Darth Vader…there’s much more fun in this galaxy far, far away! “The Turkish Star Wars” follows the unlikely adventures of two middle-aged space jockeys who join forces with a foxy faux-blonde in a valiant attempt to save the universe from an army of mummies, a brigade of skinny gladiators, various furry monsters, and a big blue robot with an ambulance light on its head. This no-budget flick was the first Turkish attempt at science fiction and sought to spice up its production by “borrowing” FX footage from the 1977 George Lucas landmark.
The screening will be hosted by Film Threat’s Phil Hall. For more information, visit the Two Boots Den of Cin web site.
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