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By Eric Campos | May 13, 2009

Originally published on May 20, 2002

Now, this one was actually meant to be funny. “Turist Omer” is a series of films about some idiot in a poor excuse for a cowboy hat, who always winds up in bizarre situations. This time around, Omer gets mistakenly beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise, where he’s dropped right into the middle of a Turkish rip-off of “Star Trek” episode “The Man Trap.” If you’re familiar with this episode, then you shouldn’t have any problem following the film without blowing a vein in your forehead, but if you’re not, then it’s just a bunch of rampant idiocy with this Omer weirdo not helping the confusion any.
The only thing that won’t be confusing to anybody is who’s who in this “Star Trek” rip-off, as the filmmakers filled the roles of the Starship Enterprise crew with people who look almost exactly like their respective characters. One thing that bothered me though, and I’ll say this at the risk of sounding like a total nerd, is that Spock (or Mr. Spak, as the videobox describes him) and Kirk are both wearing yellow uniforms. Wouldn’t this make them both captains? Oh well, I guess they’re an equal opportunity employer on the Starship Turkey.

Like “Turkish Star Wars,” this film shamelessly swipes footage from the original. There are various shots of the Enterprise cruising through space, but you actually have to squint to see that it is in fact the Enterprise, as the shots are totally blown out. It looks like the Enterprise is about to collide with the sun.

It’s pure s**t, but Trekkies, as well as Trek detractors, will find plenty to laugh about.

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