TromaDance is not so much a festival as a showcase for cheesy B-movies. There’s no entry fee, patrons are not charged for tickets, and they even give away beer at parties. If you are thinking too much about these films, you’re at the wrong festival. Check your pretensions (and brain) at the door and saddle up for a great time. The Main Street film event is more than a party, it’s a celebration of bad cinema. The TromaDance motto is a rallying cry to aspiring B-moviemakers everywhere: Give Independent Film Back to the People! The opening night party featured a bikini contest with a bad drag queen as host. A lifesize cardboard standee of Sundance Kid Redford was brought onstage and the unfunny MC shouted “Robert Redford sucks c**k!” The crowd went wild. Yeah, the spirit of TromaDance is very different than your average Park City alternative festival. ^ There are no documentaries about lesbian wheat farmers, no Tarantino wanna-bes, no serious films about abusive and dysfunctional families, no coming-of-age dramas about young boys growing up in Ohio with crushes on the high school football captain. In fact, there really aren’t any serious movies at all, just pure B-movie fun. Lloyd is the ringleader in this sicko circus of freaks and everyone is welcome. Heck, bring on the lesbian wheat farmers! Believe it or not, even with all this insanity (nightly parties, drinking, mayhem) there were some decent films playing at TromaDance. “The Collegians Are Go!” was an amazing standout amongst the features and there were incredibly bizarre shorts like “Extremism Breaks My Balls” and “Lucy’s Dream.” TromaDance looks like a mainstay and you can be sure that Lloyd, Toxie, Sgt. Kabuki Man and the rest will be back next year to stir s**t up.
[ OFFICIAL SELECTIONS ] ^ The Collegians are Go! ^ The Morphology of Desire ^ The Rape of Ganymede ^ Pukingzombies 13: Beach Blanket Bloodbath ^ Monkfish Dream ^ Peepshow ^ Lost Face ^ La Matanza Paleta de Villacabras ^ Toilet Lesson ^ Survival of the Illest ^ Lucy’s Dream ^ A Primer for Dental Extraction ^ Asian Pride Porn! ^ Birth of a Salesman ^ Safe Sex ^ El Destructo Hot Rods to Hell ^ Diversions ^ Cyclone Alley Ceramics ^ Hot Broads ^ Cannibal Teenage Riots ^ Topanga Mutant Surfer ^ Swinger’s Serenade ^ Extremism Breaks My Balls ^ Laundry ^ The Plunge ^ Traditional Family Vampires ^ American Mod ^ Psychic Odyssey of Richard Chase ^ Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards From Hell! ^ Nashville P***y – Fried Chicken and Coffee ^ Pigskin Orgasm
Note to Filmmakers: If your film did not receive a review in our Tromadance 2001 wrap up, please just send us a copy on video and we will be sure to get it covered on the site. ^ Your pals at Film Threat
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