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By Film Threat Staff | July 22, 2002

Transdermal Entertainment, a brand new production company, has been formed to develop and produce independent, cutting-edge feature length films with mid-range budgets, as well as create an interactive medium to serve as a bridge between the filmmaker and audience.
Headed by Brandon Fowler, Transdermal Entertainment is in pre-production on two dramas, “Deterium” and “Reverie”. “Reverie” will be finished by late fall 2002, and “Deterium” is scheduled to wrap in spring, 2003.
“Reverie” is about two young guys making a documentary about the homeless and how it changes their lives forever. The film was written and will be directed by Anthony Perretta and stars Nate Dushku (Antitrust), Marina Black (“Six Feet Under”), and A.J. Buckley (Blue Car). “Deterium”, written and directed by Fowler, revolves around two young adults who are affected by traumatic experiences as children and follows their struggle to free themselves from their haunted past.

“I see Transdermal Entertainment becoming a sort of refuge for both emerging and established artists in the entertainment industry,” Fowler says of his company. Brandon Fowler has been writing, directing, and producing independent feature films for the past four years. In 1998 he wrote, directed, and produced his first film “18”, starring Dee Wallace Stone (E.T the Extra Terrestrial) and Cory Pendergast (Murder in Small Town X).

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