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By Admin | March 10, 2005

Ever read about or seen the film that Crispin Glover directed using a cast of mongoloids and various other human anomalies? Sounds lurid and fascinating doesn’t it? It’s called “What Is It” and the very notion of such a film holds great promise to those who’ve seen almost everything that there is to see. Giuseppe Andrew’s “Trailer Town” holds that very same kind of promise as the director opted to employ real honest-to-god trailer park dwellers as his “stars.”

Excited as hell, I dove in. I didn’t mind the murky photography or the under-lit locations. I wasn’t even that bothered by the muffled audio. Hell, Andrews was nice enough to subtitle the damned thing for us, but the abysmal deliveries by his “cast” really bring the film down. The DVD box description touted “Trailer Town” as “Warholian” and even went so far as to compare it to John Water’s “Pink Flamingos.” While Andrew’s film does harbor some of those director’s zany nuances, it in no way approaches their wit or charm.

It would be all too easy for me to blame the entire mess on Andrews and his cast, and in all honesty it’s probably more a matter of desensitization. We as a population have been bludgeoned to death with the likes of Jerry Springer and one s**t pile Reality show after another.
There’s no doubt that Andrews has talent. The script is chocked full of sharp edged humor and glorious inanities, but ultimately, in this day and age, it just isn’t enough.

Troma loaded this one up with an interview with the film’s director, trailers and also Andrews’ short film “Who Flung Poo.”

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