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By Chris Gore | November 22, 1999

Originally intended as a direct-to-video sequel to the first ever computer animated feature, “Toy Story 2” reassembles the cast from the first film and adds a host of new characters for Disney to market and sell to kids and collectors.
When Woody accidentally finds himself in a yard sale, he is stolen by Al, a rotund toy collector. Soon Woody discovers that he is a “collectable” toy based on an old television show and worth a lot of money. He meets Jessie, a cowgirl and Stinkie Pete, a toy that is “mint in the box” and has never been opened or played with. This is a great jab at geeky toy collectors. Al plots to sell his entire collection of Woody memorabilia. The only thing that can save him is Buzz and his band of toys.
The animation in this second outing goes beyond the milestone set by the first and is best represented in the human character Al, voiced by Wayne Knight, that weasel Newman from Seinfeld. Pixar’s computer animation is coming eerily close to reality. Al looks so human it’s actually kind of creepy. The climactic ending is as good as any action film as our heroes must race to the rescue.
There’s plenty of humor which flies over the heads of kids so you won’t be bored. Toy Story 2 definitely outdoes the first film. It’s the Godfather II of computer animated films. And the best thing about this computer animated film for children — three words: No Jar Jar!

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