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By Merle Bertrand | February 6, 2002

“Oh, THAT’S what’s going on!” Such was my palm-to-the-forehead reaction upon reading what director Henry Rivero’s bizarre and puzzling short film “Touched By A Burger” was supposedly about. Had I read the description, which reads, “A man breaks down after eating a burger made with the meat of existential cows,” before I saw the film, I probably would have enjoyed it considerably more. Okay, the breaking down part I got and even the “existential cows” part gradually became apparent. So call me slow, call me an incompetent, dim-witted moron, but I didn’t make the connection between the two. How could I know, thanks to the film’s jumbled non-linear editing, that the cows we see pondering the meaning of life are the same ones that the angst-ridden hero has just scarfed down? A vegetarian’s “I told you so!”, “Touched By A Burger” leans a little too much towards the gourmet and not enough towards McDonald’s.

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