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By Chris Gore | December 10, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: TOUCH is an uncompromising and often disturbing work about emotional scarring and the cycle of abuse. In a poetic and highly stylized treatment, the film details the tragic journey of a physically and psychologically abused teenaged boy from early childhood trauma through to adolescent dysfunction. Composed in three articulate sections (Captivity, Liberation, Withdrawal), TOUCH is a shocking tale of a young boy who is kidnapped and held captive for a period of years. When he is mysteriously set free after this long period of deprivation, he is found, hospitalized, psychoanalyzed and treated but he is unable to adapt to the “normal” world of functional beings. Placed in a foster home and sent to a public school, he remains isolated, remote, and insular. While his body has been liberated, his soul is still captive. Ultimately, his only choice is to return in some way to the world that he knows, the world in which his history and his childhood are still preserved.

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