Critter Johnson (Rick Cowley) is a mildly retarded yahoo from Idaho who hits the California shore looking for stupid, hot chicks and the perfect wave. In his quest, he meets up with some snotty surf punks who steer our huge-toothed star the wrong way. He ends up in toxic, polluted waters, still looking for a monster wave to ride — and still badly in need of a brain transplant.
Johnson’s mega-wave finally rolls in, but he gets a lot more in the way of toxic shock than hang time. Like a stiff over trouble waters (to coin a phrase) he ends up being some kind of goddamn werewolf or something as the film ends. (It is, according to the credits, “Episode One” of a series.)
“Topanga Mutant Surfer” looks ultra low-budget, yet it’s fast-paced, well-written and directed — and just plain good fun to watch. If the rest of the series is this good, it looks to be a damn fine show.

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