By Daniel Bernardi | July 25, 2005

Highly amusing short film involves a seemingly naïve middle-aged man who is accosted by two beautiful ladies at a local watering hole. They come on to him but do not seem to be interested in following through with their noticeable intentions. They all get incredibly drunk and make a small party in a bar lacking any atmosphere. They both end up going home with the man. They party and listen to music, dance and act like total morons in the company of themselves. The unsuspecting man thinks that the girls are really interested in him, but when his dulled inebriated senses allow him to take less notice of what is going on around him; one of the girls spikes his drink. He drinks up, realises what has happened and then tells the girls that he is a pharmacist and they didn’t give him a high enough dose to make him pass out. He then crawls away and grabs some drugs from his personal stash and spikes the girls’ drinks in return and forces them to drink up in front of him. They both hit the floor. With both of them lying down unconscious, he shakes the Asian girl and she awakens to the man telling her that he only gave her a vitamin. Her best friend received the real dose and while she is in her slumber the real party begins …or does it?

This short film is really what subversive Australian humour is all about. Ludicrous, precise and piss your pants funny with excellent performances by the three leads. The film’s pacing changes drastically for a short film which I liked, as most shorts don’t stray too far from one tempo. Well timed comedy and in partial distaste with good twists and a dark side. What is not to like about this.

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