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By Mark Bell | June 16, 2008

Oh CineVegas, how you have ruined my internal clock and sleep patterns. I stayed back at the hotel this evening instead of partying like previous nights in order to catch up on some reviews and other coverage and… here it is, 5am, and I’m just now rolling around to the blog entry. I think I need help…

Don has gone, and I miss him already. I miss the way it would be 5am and I’d be posting a blog entry, and he’s be patiently waiting for me to stop typing away… or he’d be passed out asleep. More the latter than the former, I think.

To catch up, Sunday’s big event was the special advance screening of “Get Smart.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was here to promote the screening, specifically because proceeds went to his charity. Does the Rock live up to the hype of being one of the most charismatic humans on the face of the Earth? I think so…

I like this picture because he’s standing right in front of the poster version of himself, and that amuses me to no end. I am easily amused, indeed. Proof? Check out Silas from Collider’s shoes…

Nice, eh? After the red carpet, we all went into the theater for the screening and Trevor Groth introduced the Rock to the crowd. Part of me wonders if Trevor and the Rock got into a fight, who would win? They seem to be about the same height (though I’d give the advantage to Trevor on that one)…

Now, how was “Get Smart,” you ask? I thought it was great. Nothing like what I was expecting, it was hilarious from start to finish. The review’ll go into more detail, but I think what makes the movie work is that Steve Carell isn’t doing a Don Adams’ impersonation, and for the most part he’s actually playing a talented, smart secret agent who just so happens to be very unlucky. It’s popcorn entertainment, sure, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it is done right.

After the screening I made my way over to HQ to interview the filmmakers behind “Big Heart City.” It went well, and you’ll all get to see it soon enough (when I finish editing the video clips, that is). Sometimes I wish there were more than one me. One to see movies and review, one to go to parties, take pictures and write blog entries and then one to do interviews and then edit said interviews. Oh yeah, one more me to do normal editorial duties. I also wish I could fly, was about 100 lbs. lighter and could play a real musical instrument as opposed to being really good at Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think all my wishes have an equal chance of happening 😉

Monday is looking solid, as I have a screening of “Memorial Day,” and all I’ve been hearing about that is how absolutely controversial the flick is. Don’t know why, just know that it is. I like that I don’t know, should make it all the more exciting (if that winds up being the word to use). I’ll also be back out on the party circuit, so expect more fun pictures and late night / early morning gibberish in about 24 hours…

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  1. Silas says:

    Lifetime goals:

    167. Have my shoes appear in a Film Threat blog.


  2. Pauline says:

    Hey! Why isn’t one of those versions of you hangin’ out with me?! Jerk.

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