From Satoshi Kon, director of “Millennium Actress” and “Perfect Blue,” Tokyo Godfathers opens in theaters on January 16th.
In TOKYO GODFATHERS, it’s Christmas and snow is turning Tokyo into a white city. Somewhere in Shinjuku, there are three energetic homeless people, Gin (an alcoholic ex-bicycle racer), Hana (an ex-drag queen), and Miyuki (an adolescent runaway). While rummaging through a pile of trash for their Christmas gifts, they hear a muffled crying sound coming from the pile; they dig into the pile to find an angelic baby. Gin insists they go to the police and return the abandoned baby, but Hana, who has always dreamt of being a mother, has made her mind up to keep the baby and name it ‘Kiyoko.’ Armed with a business card and a few photographs, the eccentric family heads into an odyssey to discover the baby’s home. In a harrowing comedic and uplifting journey they discover their own history and happiness.

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  1. Laura says:

    just seen it, and it’s really awesome!!! <333
    i think i'll watch it again ^O^

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