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By Greg Bellavia | March 21, 2005

Movies tend to ask questions. Most times the questions are intentional such as the work of David Lynch or films such as “2001: A Space Odyssey”. While good movies tend to ask good questions, bad movies ask a different set of questions such as “Why did they split up?”, “Why did I just spend money on?” and “What the hell was that?”. “…To Skin a Cat”, a short comedy by Dan O’Berry, has an intriguing premise but refuses to answer the most important question it raises. Nick’s (Peter Monro) girlfriend Liz (Diana DeLaCruz) has begun acting strange. He finds business cards with the name “Kitten” containing her number and is startled when she takes great offense to a joke implying she is a hooker. She is so offended in fact she kicks Nick out of their apartment wearing only his underwear. Nick’s day proceeds to go even further downhill from there running into pimp Pinky Pinkerton (Kenny Hopper) and prostitute Trixey (Lori Marcus).The main problem here is there’s no real plot. The central question seems to be why is Liz acting so strangely and the solution provided by the film causes even more questions than answers. Hopper steals the show as Pinky and does a good job acting as does the rest of the cast but the jokes tossed off range between mildy funny (cop catches undressed Nick with Trixey in a car) to eye rolling (the chicken fried steak, is it chicken or steak, conversations) never rising above Seinfeld light type humor.”…To Skin a Cat” is an entertaining film with its heart in the right place but lacks focus, failing to address the interesting questions it raises, and with the bizarre subject matter could benefit from a little darker sense of humor.

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