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By Film Threat Staff | November 22, 2002

TLA Releasing has acquired the North American distribution rights of one of the most controversial films of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, “Nine Dead Guy Guys”. TLA will give the film an aggressive theatrical distribution in June 2003, followed by a home video release.
Lab Ky Mo’s feature film debut follows the outrageous story of two young Irish men who try to make money off London’s underground gay community, only to leave a trail of “nine dead gay guys” in their wake.
At its Cannes premiere, audience members either cheered or stormed out in a rage over the film’s unapologetic “political incorrectness” and over-the-top filmmaking. It has since won the Audience Award for Best Film from the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival and the Dublin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
TLA President Raymond Murray said, “What ‘The Life of Brian’ did for Christianity and ‘South Park’ did for cartoons, ‘Nine Dead Gay Guys’ does for homosexuality. It’s a hilarious skewering of gay culture, and we are thrilled to bring it to American audiences.”
For more info on the film, visit the Flash intensive Nine Dead Gay Guys website.

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