By Admin | February 12, 2002

Whoever made this film is going to hell, but seeing that this guy, GG Allin, Walt Disney and Oscar the Grouch will be there, hell sounds like it’ll be a very nice place. I wanna go, too.
Out of all the kids that have ever wished violent death upon their parents for such misdeeds as making them eat brussels sprouts, Timmy gets that wish and finds in his living room, a glowing Jesus surrounded by the dismembered body parts of his parental unit. There aren’t many other images stronger than this one that have ever been filmed. And the fun just keeps on rolling.
Gore, s**t jokes, blasphemy, gorgeous camera work and great actors round out this black and white joy. This may even be the best film ever to feature Jesus as a central figure, but then again, I guess that’s not saying too much, is it?

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