By Felix Vasquez Jr. | July 11, 2007

More clues about the trailer have come in, and there seems to be just no end to the theories:

  1. 36A in the 12:36A photo, flipped backwards, resembles the word ACE.
  2. Turn the party picture upside down, and the banner reads SS 113. Still just a loose theory.
  3. People insist that a demonic face or some beast can be seen between the two women on the 1-18-08 website. I still think it’s what they want to see, but at this point, I’m open to anything.
  4. JJ Abrams dismisses the Ethan Haas sites, and he makes a special point of doing so…?
  5. The strong reasoning for the declaration that this is a “Voltron” adaptation is that this trailer was played before “Transformers.” Trailer about transforming robots defending Earth, playing before a movie about transforming robots defending Earth, not to mention the argument between the “It’s Alive!” line that may have been misheard by many as “It’s A Lion!”
  6. This I found on Superior message boards:
    The times on the photographs at are, 12:01; and 12:36. The following are verses from the Bible under aforementioned times.At that time Jesus went through the grain fields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry and began to pick some heads of grain and eat them. – Matthew (12:01)In the trailer at 12:01 everyone is having a good time namely eating and drinking. Could this have something to do with said verse.But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. – Matthew (12:36)In the trailer at 12:36 all hell breaks loose and everybody panics as the suspected Apocalypse begins. Judgment day.

    Also the release date was suspicious to me, so I read more into this prophetic bible theme that seems to tie into this movie. And here’s what I found.

    A lot of things in Revelation Chapter 18 Verse 8 (18:8) (1-18-08, coincedence I think not) are relevant to New York city, the new Babylon, the Woman holding something in her hand (Statue of Liberty) etc. etc.
    It seems at this point that almost all of the Mystery and the clues are all in the trailer. Seek out material on Statue of Liberty, News One, Times, dates, etc. Apparently, this is connected, or it’s one hell of a coincidence. I’m still looking around for anything seen in the trailer connecting to clues.

Inform me if I’m missing something.

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  1. Alan says:

    On the oficial website for tis film. You can move the pictures around but if you shake them fast they flip over and some of them have messages on the back – dnt know if they will mean anything to maby people but they do give another characters name !!!


  2. […] Y así ocurrió: – Hay un website supuestamente oficial que tiene solo dos fotos. Y nada más. Locos como yo han clickeado píxel por píxel buscando algo escondido y … nada de nada. – Luego hay 4 sitios no oficiales supuestamente relacionados con la película y que han sido refutados por el mismo Abrams, al indicar que nadie de la producción de la película es responsable de estos websites. En Aint’It Cool tenemos más información. – Aparece información confiable en Internet que indica que la película tiene un presupuesto de apenas 30 millones de dólares (muy pero muy poco dinero para ser una producción “importante” , el film se rodó silenciosamente en Nueva York el pasado mes de Junio. La producción es de Bryan Burk y J.J. Abrams, y el director del film es Matt Reeves. – Aparece un extraño post en el foro de la Internet Movie Database (hay que estar registrado para verlo. Con el nick de “My Name is Van” y muchos mensajes extraños (”Únete a la resistencia…”). – Luego tenemos la página “japonesa” Que se confirma como parte de este lio viral en que se esta conviertiendo la película. – Luego tenemos las siempre cristianas y biblicas referencias. – Incluso algunas paginas nos dan Spoilers realmente paranoicos, pero interesantes: ATENCIÓN SPOILER: Además, posiblemente, la causa de la explosión que aparece en este genial trailer podría tener relación con el “Humo Negro” de ‘Lost’, o mejor aun… nada más ni nada menos que con el fenomenal y monstruoso Cthulhu. […]

  3. Matthew Lee says:

    Just something small, but it may be significant. Perhaps the numbers in August 1st play a role. It seems to be that 1-18-08 is an important number,
    August 1st would be 8-1.

  4. […] Thursday, July 12th, 2007 in 1-18-08, Film & TV The game is nine days old today, and now that we’ve hit a wall I’m seeing the rise of the “Christian Mythology Angle,” an angle I’m sure it took certain kinds of Christians nine seconds to think of and to begin promulgating on the web. This angle (see #6 on this list) doesn’t work. […]

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