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By Scott Knopf | September 13, 2011

Time Always Moving is the sequel to Lee Neville’s 2010 short Time Stops Moving.  In this standalone film, protagonist Adam (played by Neville) struggles with telling Kirsty (Aristodemou)—the new girl in his life—about the events that followed the first movie.  Don’t worry if you haven’t seen that one yet; the first minute of Time Always Moving plays like a movie trailer for its predecessor.  The skillfully-edited recap summarizes the characters’ histories and leads the viewer directly into the new narrative.

We’re introduced to a man with three special women in his life: his girlfriend, her best friend, and the “other one.”  Through Adam and Kirsty’s interactions it becomes clear that these important women, in particular, “the one who stayed,” have set quite a high bar for his current girlfriend.  Through a unique blend of inner-thought monologues, emotional exchanges, and montages, the young couple works through their difficult tensions.

Neville’s fifth film (which he wrote, produced, directed, edited, and starred in) was shot on location in London and makes due with an extremely small budget.  Filmed on borrowed equipment over a short shooting schedule, Time Always Moving could have benefitted from professional sound and lighting but the conflict is interesting enough to distract from that.  And it’s Aristodemou’s compelling performance that carries the majority of the film.  At times, she walks the line between captivating and melodramatic but, overall, her performance is successful—as is the film itself.

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