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By Film Threat Staff | June 22, 2004

Matt Power’s “Throg” will make its World Premiere at the Boston International Film Festival on June 26th.

Born long ago, in a time before electricity and mouthwash, young Throg is destined to do something important, or so he has been told. The trouble is, he has no idea what that something is. Is he simply insane? Or was he really chosen as a champion by the gods? “Blessed” with near invulnerability, he can only die when another of his kind devours him, thick skull and all.

And as fate would have it, Throg’s evil nemesis, a word-challenged behemoth named Urshag the Destroyer, has a taste for high-fat meat. While our hero stumbles through the centuries, Urshag thunders close behind, led on by telltale signs of carnage and disaster. How far can Throg run, before he must turn and confront his destiny?

An unflappable optimist, Throg lurches in and out of time, from the bucolic beauty of medieval Europe to a dangerous, apocalyptic future. Around him swirls a wild collection of characters: Greek Gods, lunatics, evil harpies, talking pigs, Arthurian knights, trash collectors and the cheerfully sadistic green man of the forest. Each in turn takes a swing at the throbbing sore thumb that is Throg’s life.

Will Throg gain the prize and end his long journey at last, or will he get confused and wander off into another movie? Leave all sharp objects at the door! Throg is coming to a theater near you!
For more info, visit the “Throg” website.

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