By Admin | June 15, 2008

Good Lord, another 5am return to the hotel room. Sleep is for the weak (or the intelligent). I like to think I am properly pacing myself, but… who knows.

Saturday was our busiest day so far. Don caught 3 films, and I caught 2. While I can’t speak for Don, I will say I dug “South of Heaven” and the short film “Clay Head,” and thought that “Schoof” was a ridiculous piece of amusing s**t. What that means, I do not know. Hopefully it’ll explain itself in the review, but I will say that Guiseppe has got nothing on the king of underground / gibberish cinema, Damon Packard (and Damon, I say gibberish with the utmost love and respect). Anyway…

I do have pictures, but I’m tired and I have to get up early (as in three hours) to make sure I get all my reviews caught up, so I’ll just say that tonight’s parties at the Palms pool (and bungalow) were fun. The pool especially, as people repeatedly tripped their way into the little moats all over the place (endless amusement; I give one bit of advice to anyone who tripped into the moat: own it, make it yours and no one will mock you).

I’ve got a red carpet for “Get Smart” in the afternoon, followed by some interviews and more screenings as the day goes on. Don unfortunately has to leave, but Jamie will be in town soon enough, and all will be tops. Very confident that we’ll give CineVegas the full coverage it deserves when all is said and done and, ultimately, love that we’re given the annual opportunity.

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