There are an awful lot of independently produced comedies being made, not to mention a lot of awful independently produced comedies. And a bad comedy is much like a poor meal: you know it almost immediately upon impact.

Among indie filmmakers, Connecticut-based Thomas Edward Seymour has displayed the elusive knack of crafting and creating comedy features which are original, entertaining and (yes!) funny. As a comedy screenwriter (in addition to being an actor, producer and composer), Seymour has created the screenplays for two memorable comedies: Thrill Kill Jack in Hale Manor (1999), a spoof of B-Movie action flicks in which Seymour stars as a Vincent Price-style villain who runs a crime empire from a monster-filled mansion, and Everything Moves Alone (2001) a breezy character study with Seymour starring as a trust fund baby whose strangely misanthropic behavior is at the core of a small town secret.

Seymour, who runs the production company Hale Manor Films along with his collaborative partners Mike Aransky and Philip Guerette, recently spoke with Film Threat on what it takes to make a comedy film funny.

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