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By Mark Bell | June 12, 2008

Don and I arrived in Vegas earlier today and immediately made our way to the Planet Hollywood pool. We’ll begin our official coverage this evening when we cover the premiere / red carpet of Rainn Wilson’s “The Rocker,” but for now I leave you with this image:

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  1. Don Lewis says:


    FYI readers, I got SUNBURNED during that stint by the pool and I DID put on sunscreen and I DID NOT get out of the pool until we left. Grrr. Frigging whitey’s.

    And for those of you scoring at home, the red mark on my elbow is pretty common with me. It’s called “Bar Elbow” and it comes from getting the skin rubbed off my elbow whenever I sit at a bar too long. I tend to settle into a baseball (or basketball, or hockey, or skiing) broadcast with an elbow on the bar so, there you go. It wears off the skin and for some reason, it never toughens up.

    Off to the red carpet!

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