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  1. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    Wrong video for this week, but the Oscar video is rather interesting. I f*****g hated the shadow puppets. What’s up next year, Marionettes?

  2. Chris,

    It’s good to see we’ve found some common ground. I like your style, a lot… you’re honest with your opinions, and you stand by your convictions. Over my history of watching your segments on Kev’s show, I’ve agreed with “most” of your DVD assessments, and only been put off by you maybe two or three times (I’d appreciate it if you’d try not to use the word gay in a negative connotation… I consider calling the fashion part of the Oscars the “Gay super bowl” to be a little bit of a dig… this faggot stage-dived and sang ensemble with Anti-Flag).

    It seems the meshing area for your people and mine is rawk music. You’re obviously a fan of rock, as well as hardcore punk, and I’d assume a variety of other styles… and you’re from Detroit, which I may have known before but forgot and was reminded by this recent segment.

    You and I both come from cities that have dealt with some economic and social hardships due to the collapse of the major industries our towns were built around… and I can tell you I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon, and I’ve run in a lot of different circles… including punk and indie rock scenes… (I must admit my first rock band love affair was with Metallica… back in the days of sharpie marker-ing jean jackets while headbanging to Master of Puppets)

    If only they hadn’t put me off with their attack on Napster… in my opinion that band has been treading water since. I’m interested to see if they get back to basics in their new album. I think Cliff would have wanted it that way.

    Long story short… us queers have always been around… and this particular one would love to kick the s**t out of a dumbass hiphop star that came from your city spitting hateful bullshit while being too stupid to know that Elton John is gay… but that’s another story.

    Keep rocking, keep jamming, keep slamming the studio DVD’s that don’t give us everything we ask for… and check out the wiki article on Silverchair, the very last line, to see who the D thinks holds the true Pick of Destiny.

    I have to agree with Kyle Gass on that one. 😀

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