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By Brian Bertoldo | October 11, 1999

Things That Go Bump in the Night is a glimpse into the lives of three roommates with very different but equally strange extra-curricular activities.
Entirely set in an average three-bedroom apartment, three guys settle in for a night of watching basketball and drinking beer. Pretty normal stuff, until they each turn in for the night. Joey (Danny Sacco) goes into his room, covers the door with tape and clothing and then proceeds to conduct an orchestra made up of hanging shirts and ties to Mozart. Meanwhile, Sam (Ed Madden), does the same to his door. His little act involves doing the Tango with a blow up sex doll. While alone in the living room, Ralph (Erich Jungwirth) puts on a dress and wig performing Blanche Dubois’ lines from A Street Car Named Desire. Three seemingly normal, regular guys with differing and very bizarre private lives behind closed doors.
What’s it all about? Perhaps director Hector Hill was trying to say that we’ve all got our little eccentricities, even the most seemingly “normal” of those amongst us. Or it’s just a hoot to see a guy do the Tango with a sex doll. Either way it’s a well produced short that’s definitely original.

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