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By Film Threat Staff | March 12, 2004

Bob Odenkirk. Kent Osborne. John Stamos. Robert De Niro? Only the South by Southwest Film Festival could bring all of these actors together – or their names anyway – in one shorts screening. SXSW proudly announces the return of the infamous Midnight Shorts Program as part of this year’s festival, March 12-20 in Austin, TX.
This is the third time SXSW has created a Midnight Program as one of its many shorts screenings, along with those for narrative, documentary, animation, music video, and experimental pieces.
“The Midnight Shorts are easily some of the most popular shorts we screen,” says SXSW Film Festival producer Matt Dentler. “They’re short films that defy any conventional festival programming logic and are simply joyous expressions of the filmmaking spirit. They’re very funny and very independent.”
The 2004 SXSW Midnight Shorts Program includes:
Broken Condom ^ Dir: Andrew Gurland & Huck Botko ^ A filmmaker begins to suspect his wife’s accidental pregnancy is no accident.

Day 37 ^ Dir: Dylan Haggerty; Starring Kent Osborne ^ A day-in-the-life look at two astronauts and the unsettling ties that bind them.

The Day Robert De Niro Met James Caan ^ Dir: Joe Pickett ^ The tale of two famously named men meeting for the first time while mall-walking.

Frank International Film Festival ^ Dir: Bob Odenkirk ^ Filmmakers travel the festival circuit, but never experience a festival as disturbingly intimate as the Frank International Film Festival.

I Am Stamos ^ Dir: Rob Meltzer; Starring John Stamos, Robert Peters, Clint Howard ^ A character actor wishes to be a leading man, and magically begins to
photograph as John Stamos … provoking the unholy wrath of Stamos.

Milton is a Shitbag ^ Dir: Courtney Davis ^ Milton is a small orange kitty. He hates your guts. He works for Pat Buchanan. Why do you love him so?

Ode To Margaret Cho ^ Dir: Greg Pak & Susie Lee ^ Susie and David drive Danny insane through the repetition of Margaret Cho lines.

Walkentalk ^ Dir: Philip Zlotorynski ^ A young man with a severe social disorder has difficulty meeting his brother’s girlfriend.

Who’s Your Daddy? ^ Dir; Matthew Ehlers ^ A mysterious lothario invades a small town leaving a group of angry fathers in his wake.
For more festival info, check out the SXSW website.

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