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By Stina Chyn | March 31, 2004

The ten minute version of “Things Fall Apart” (Yaniv Raz) is a prologue to a feature-length film. If it’s a taste of its own feature-length film, then you shouldn’t miss it. The way this prologue is constructed, you’re certain that the feature-length film will include Kafka-esque criticisms of living a monotonous life. Two words: The Metamorphosis. Protagonist Hewlitt Dell (Christopher Kadish), twenty-nine year-old information tech specialist, doesn’t transform into a giant insect, but his life is definitely affected by his routine life. As “Things Fall Apart” indicates, Hewlitt is basically a yuppy who’s traded in his “life” for a “good” job, a car, a condo, and collections of bonsai plants, rare Swatches, National Geographics magazines, and GQ.

Hewlitt recognizes how dull his existence has become, so one day he doesn’t go to work. He drives out of Los Angeles into something he could not have imagined. The ultimate question will be if it’s better to break a boring (but safe) cycle and launch your frightened (but free) self into who-knows-what, or whether it’s wiser not to change anything at all.

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