By Admin | September 20, 2001

Every so often, an independent film will be released on a shoestring budget and take Hollywood and the film industry by storm.  Then again, every so often pigs fly.
The real truth of the independent film industry is that it has become mainstreamed, and the films that are still produced on a shoestring budget aren’t even being looked at anymore.  This is the reason why director Kelley Baker and writer Bruce Lacey are pissed off.   The pair have just completed their new film, The Gas Café, for under $5,000 and are preparing for its premiere at the New York Independent Film Market.  But still, because the movie is not a mainstream “independent” film backed by Hollywood executives or featuring big name stars, does it even matter?
Maybe so.  The reason: because it’s good.  The Gas Café, produced for the money most Hollywood big wigs spend on haircuts, is still a smart and edgy movie.  Centered on five strangers who meet in a rain-soaked café in the middle of nowhere, the film spins the lies and desires of the characters into a well-oiled plot line. 
For more information on the film, or on Baker and Lacey’s discontent with Hollywood and the so-called Independent Film Industry, check out their web site Angry Filmmaker.
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