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By Admin | July 20, 1998

From the Farrelly brothers (Bobby and Peter), the ones who gave us “Dumb and Dumber” and the uproarious “Kingpin,” comes even more gut wrenching scatological fun. This one parades around as a sweet adolescent romance with Ted (Ben Stiller), the school geek, going to the prom with mega babe Mary (the dazzling Cameron Diaz) until he embarrassingly gets his manhood caught in his zipper. Jump ahead thirteen years with Ted still pining away for Mary. He enlists the aid of a tawdry claims investigator (Matt Dillon) to chase her down. Everyone falls for Mary — why wouldn’t they? — and no one is spared from the Farrellys’ razor sharp raunch. The performers all fall effortlessly into their slapstick roles and the troubadour duo — the film’s Greek chorus — adds a delightfully poetic touch.

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